Cadets meet every Tuesday 1830-2030 hours. Cadets participate in weekly squadron meetings and at occasional weekend special activities such as operational exercises, equipment / facilities maintenance, fixed wing / glider orientation flights and fund raisers. Due to the involved (yet rewarding) nature of the Cadet program, prospective cadet members must attend 3 meetings as observers before deciding to join. This is done to ensure that they are willing to act in response to the training that we offer. The desired affect is this will enable them to deliver the high standards of discipline, dress, teamwork and the leadership skills. Cadets are required to maintain currency in Safety education and progress satisfactorily in the Cadet Program by working to earn promotions as they master each leadership concept.

Senior Members:

Senior members meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 1830 to 2030 hours. In addition, 2 senior members / cadet sponsor members are required to supervise cadet meetings senior members may also volunteer to participate in planned operational exercises and actual missions as they occur.

Cadet Sponsor Members:

Parents of cadets who assist with transportation to, and supervision of, on and off-Squadron activities.

Meeting Place:

Lake Havasu City Airport Terminal Building.